Getting started if you don't have content loaded

Hello! Welcome to Full Picture!

So you’re wanting to find out how to upload content to your very own Full Picture? Well you've come to the right place. Here we’ll give you a quick run through of the basics which will help to get going, but if you really want to explore all that you can do in the Full Picture content admin then check out our full user guides for all the detail: you can get to them by clicking thein each section of Full Picture as you go through and add content.  And don’t forget to run through our other getting started guide once you’ve uploaded your content to point you in the right direction of what to do with it next; including sending it to a customer!

Let’s go!

There are two ways to upload content to Full Picture.  One is through the web admin, as outlined below and in our user guides for content admins.  You can also use our API to connect your content database/s to Full Picture and set up regular syncs to keep it up to date. 

To start loading content by either method click on your username in the top right corner of Full Picture.  We will run through adding content through the Full Picture web admin now; if you want further details on using the API select this from the menu to be taken to our API pages.


After selecting the content menu option you’ll see a screen similar to this:


Content is stored as a collection of “items” within a “library”.  

What’s a library? 
 A library is just a place for you to store and organise content, just like you would with books.  There can be as many as you want and you can name them anything you’d like.  So like a public city library would have a separate section for biographies and novels, you are able to categorise your Full Picture content libraries in a similar, meaningful way. In addition, each library can be shared with other Full Picture users if you wish, as we have shared the ‘Oceania Cruises’ library with you.  Note that you are unable to add to or edit libraries that have been shared with you (hence they are greyed out) but you will be able to search for their content and share it with your customers, but we’ll get to that later.  You’ll already have a test library set up waiting for you to add items to, but you can rename it to something you deem more appropriate by clicking ‘edit library’ in the footer.  

What’s an item?  An item is a single saleable product and will contain details that can be shared with customers verbally and visually.   For example a hotel containing a description, facilities, photos and a video. 

Start by creating an item

To add a new item click the “+ Add new item” button:

This will create a new item.

The minimum you will need to fill in to get started is to name your item and give it a type.  A type is the name given for a group of similar items and should indicate what kind of category the item is.  If you have access to the preloaded Oceania Cruise test content you can see that the content ‘type’ found in this content includes “Ship”, “Cabin”, “Deck Plan” and “Facility”.  You may wish to use one of these 'type' categories, or you can create your own: just enter it into the ‘Item Type’ field.  

This field is used as a filter in the search box when an agent user is searching for content to share:

Now let's add an image

It’s easy to upload an image to your newly created item: just click on the image tab and then click ‘+Add new image group’.

You can give your group of images a name to help you identify them or you can leave this field blank: this group are called ‘Test images’

Click ‘+ Add new image(s)’ and select an image from the box that opens up.   Images can be jpeg, gif, png, tiff or bmp. 

If you have a number of images to upload you may prefer to install the windows desktop client to facilitate the upload: doing so will retain the file names so you won’t need to retype them.  Read more here

You can add a caption below the image if you wish to help you identify it, but this is not essential if you do not wish to.

It’s a good idea to save your item at this point; the ‘save’ button is in the footer. If you want, you can keep clicking through the item and add details, videos and more!  But if you’re eager to try sending an image to a customer, click ‘save and close’ to return to the admin menu and you’ll see something like this:

Now publish your content so you can search for it

In order to search for content within a Full Picture agent session you must first publish it, which is done with a simple click of the red ‘publish’ button, which will first queue the library:

and then very soon afterwards will publish it:


Now you’re ready to send content to a customer.  Read how to here. 

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