Getting started if you have content loaded

Hello! Welcome to Full Picture!

If you are reading this the chances are you’re trying out a demo of Full Picture and want to know how to get up and running pronto!  We have created two “getting started” guides to allow you to do that. If you want to upload your own content before trying out how you’d send it to a customer read our "getting started if you don't have content loaded" guide.  If you have opted for a trial with content already loaded (or your content admin has already uploaded content for you) then you’re well on your way to being able to connect to a customer to show them some content – keep reading for more!

Getting started

In order to search for content, connect to a customer and share your content with them. You will need to start what is called a Session. To do that - after logging into Full Picture - click the green 'Start new session' button or the ‘Session’ button in the header to open the Session menu:

Type a name for your Session - this is optional you can leave it as the date if you wish - and click 'Start new session':

You will be presented with the following screen:  

This is the session screen from which you can search for content, connect to a customer and share your content with them!

Let’s connect to a customer

In order to connect to a customer they need to be waiting in the queue, just as they would be in your telephony queue for you to be able to answer the phone to them. A customer enters the queue by visiting the homepage of your Full Picture.
Our recommended way to direct your customers to the Full Picture homepage is to have a link on your website, for the customer to click.

For the purpose of this demo you are going to act as both the customer and the agent. To do this please open a different browser and navigate to your Full Picture homepage, or even better, enlist a colleague to pretend to be a customer, or why not try Full Picture out on a tablet or mobile phone?


Please note: the URL shown above is an example, this will not be your Full Picture URL, but it will be in a similar format - it's the same URL as your agent window but the homepage :)

You should now be seeing your agent Session screen in one browser window and the Full Picture homepage in a separate browser window:

Take note of the number that is shown – in this case 4 8 2 – as this is how you will identify the correct customer in the queue to connect to.

Back in your agent Session browser window, we need to connect to our customer - to do this click the green "Connect to Customer" button in the top right:

The queueing customers will show in the list that pops up – click ‘pickup’ button for the customer with your noted numbers – from the customer browser which are in this case 4 8 2 – to connect to the customer.  

(The numbers are no longer important as you will not need them again)

You will now be connected to the customer:

From this point onwards you no longer need the Customer number you were remembering - it was just to pick up the correct customer. When you are connected to the customer the connection button will change to a red background colour and will read "Disconnect Customer". You will also see the customer preview pane at the top right of the screen:

Search for content to share with our customer!

You don't need to be connected to a customer to search for content it can be done without connecting.
In order to find content you can either type a search term (e.g. "queen victoria" which is the name of a cruise ship and exists in this demo content - your content may be different) into the search field:

Hit enter (or click 'Find') to see the results:

Another way of searching for content is to use the search filters, these can be opened by clicking the 'Filter' button to the right of the 'Find' button:

You can click on the libraries or types in order to narrow down your search to what you are looking for. For example if you are looking for just a "Ship" from "Imported" called "Queen Victoria" you could click the "Imported" Library and the "Ship" type filter:

Your search results are now filtered:

Click on a search result thumbnail to view the Item and all of its details. 
You can view different types of content e.g. images, videos etc by clicking through the tabs

Sending an image to the customer

Click on the image thumbnail within the item to send to the customer:

The image will now show that it is sending:

If you look at the customer browser window you will see the image has been received by the customer:

Of course normally you won’t be able to see the customer’s screen, however you can see what the customer is seeing from your session as a thumbnail is displayed in the top right corner


If you click on the thumbnail you can open up the drawing tools which will allow you to annotate the image.  This is useful for highlighting sections of a deck plan for example, as shown by the red and blue squares in the image below. Experiment with the different tools and see what happens on the customer screen. Click the arrows in the top right corner to close the drawing tools.

Each content item you send to the customer will appear in the timeline, visible by clicking on the blue bar at the bottom of both the session screen and the customer screen. 


You can click back and forth through the thumbnails in the timeline to send that item to the customer again. 


And it’s a simple as that!  

Of course there is plenty more you can do with Full Picture, such as:

See the full list of "how to" guides for agents here


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