Getting Started with the Full Picture API


Normally, users interact with Full Picture using the web interface, interacting with Full Picture directly. The API serves as a similar interface between software programs and Full Picture.

Using the API, you can create software programs that can:

  • Bulk import content into Full Picture.
  • Create, list, search, edit and publish content Libraries

We're continuing to expand the amount of functionality our API offers - if you find a particular function that you wish to perform via the API but which does not currently exist, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the ideas forum.


The Full Picture C# SDK is a set of libraries and tools intended to simplify and speed up application development for .NET developers who want to create applications that access Full Picture through the API.

The libraries provide convenience classes that do the heavy lifting for you in handling communication with the Full Picture API, handling errors, logging, and so forth. The libraries also provide a wrapper layer for the API calls, providing all the HTTP communication, content type / encoding negotiation, authentication, and other low level aspects for you and allow you to just work with strongly typed objects and methods which are fully described with comments.

The C# SDK targets version 4.5 of the .NET framework.

More details

Full documentation and sample code for both the API and SDK are available from the API menu in Full Picture:

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