Customise Full Picture with your own branding

Branding page

The branding page is a one stop shop for customising the Full Picture experience for the customer. With the ability to change colours, images and selected content, Full Picture is capable of better representing your brand. The branding page can be accessed by content administrators by selecting it from the drop down menu:


You can change the following images within Full Picture:
  • Logo - The main logo featured top left of the customer's browser, this image is restricted to a maximum height of 100px
  • Background image - The main screen background image - this is used across all customer facing screens outside of the main Full Picture exchange window (see section below to see what other options we offer for this image)
  • Accreditation Logo - This image appears at the bottom left of the screen and allows one logo or image to relate typically to any accreditation you may wish to present. When empty this area will simply be blank. This image is restricted to a maximum height of 60px
  • Connection Screen Background - The initial background image for the main Full Picture exchange window

Images are selected using the image picker control, which allows you to view the currently selected image, upload a new image, and also to clear the currently selected image. You can upload a new image by either clicking the image itself or by clicking the "Upload image" button.

Background Image - Additional features

Background image gallery
- We have a selection of built in backgrounds that you can choose from, which are available alongside the option for you to upload your own. To select one of our images simply click from the gallery.

The primary background image used on the the customer facing screens includes a few additional positioning features to help provide further customization options:
  • Background Type
    • Fill Screen - Maintains the aspect ratio and best fits the image across the full screen
    • Original Size - Maintains the original uploaded size of the image and allows you to anchor the image in the following positions:
      Background Position
      • Top left
      • Top right
      • Center
      • Bottom right
      • Bottom left
    • Tile - Maintains the original uploaded size of the image and allows you to repeat the image in a tiled style across the background. Positioning and repeating options include:
      Background Repeat
      • Repeat (both horizontally and vertically)
      • Repeat horizontally
      • Repeat vertically
      Background Position
      • Top
      • Left
      • Center
      • Right
      • Bottom
Tiling Images
Tiling an image takes a smaller image and multiplies it many times across the screen.
Not every image fits perfectly across the screen. Small images, for example, need to be either stretched ("Fill Screen" option) to fit the space or spread across the screen in rows like tiles on a floor. Large images, however, do not need to be tiled as they are already large enough to fill the screen.
If tiling and stretching look odd or distorted, try the "Original Size" option to keep the original size and selecting a "center" position to leave space around the edges.


You can change the following colours within Full Picture:
  • Header background colour - Sets the background colour used on the Full Picture page header
  • Main background colour - Sets the background colour used on the information panel located in the center left of the screen
  • Footer background colour - Sets the background colour used on the Full Picture page footer
  • Back background colour - Sets the background colour of the underlying page. This colour will work in conjunction with the set background image, so where an original image size is used, the background colour set here will fill any void
  • Header Text colour - This changes the text colour of all headers found within the customer screens, typically found in the central information panel
  • Footer Text colour - This changes the text colour of any text found within the page footer, this is typically the copyright notice
  • Body text colour - This changes the general text colour found in the page
  • Connection numbers colour - This changes the background colour of the connection number each customer is assigned upon visiting Full Picture
  • Button colour - Represents the background colour of all buttons within the customer facing pages. It is worth mentioning that the button text colour is always white so a dark colour would be best suited

Colours are selected using the colour picker control, by either clicking the coloured box or the text field. A colour palette will appear allowing you to use your mouse to select an appropriate colour choice. You also have the option of manually entering the hex value directly into the text box. To help with text based colours, moving over the colour palette will also display the colour choice on any adjacent text box fields to help visualise the impact of the colour selections.

Editable Text Content

You are also able to change text content from within the Full Picture pages. This gives you the control to cater messages to your audience. Editable text areas include:
  • Welcome section - The Welcome text is likely to be the first thing your customer reads and is located on the home screen at the top of the information panel. It contains a title and body content, which would typically be short and snappy to greet the customer
  • Introduction Section - The introduction section is positioned just below the welcome text on the homepage and could typically be used to provide a bit more information
  • Thank you screen - The thank you screen provides you with an opportunity to communicate the right message upon completion - a title and body text are available for you to edit
  • Disconnected screen - Disconnections with the customer could be a result of various causes - communicate your own tailored message to maintain the customer's interest here

The editable text areas will typically consist of a title and body text area, which follows the structure of your content. The branding page has a "Customer Pages" section at the bottom which includes pages such as "Thank You" and the "Disconnected" screen

Please note that there is a 180 character limit on each text area, to ensure that the page still looks great once you have edited it. 

Social Media Links

A series of social media links are available for you to populate as required.  This includes:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+ 
  • YouTube 
  • Vimeo 
  • Pinterest
Simply add a URL to the corresponding social media page to display the social media link in the footer of the customer facing screen. Only those links that have been populated with a url will appear

Back Button

The back button is an optional control that when present will appear in the top right hand corner of the customer's screen. It acts as a link to direct the customer back to a url of your choosing should the customer wish to leave Full Picture, so would typically return back to your website

The back button consists of a text value for the button and a link to the url the customer will be sent to

Save your custom branding

Don't forget to save your changes when you're done using the "Save" button:

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