Send content to a customer (by adding images and videos (assets) to an active chapter)

To send content to a customer you will first need to search for content and view your required item  The action to send content to a customer is to add assets (images and videos) to an active chapter.


You can add an image (or video - both are assets) to an active chapter regardless of whether you are connected to a customer or not.  If you are connected to a customer, adding an asset to a chapter will mean it displays on their screen. Either way, when you add it to the chapter it will remain in the history of the session and can be viewed via the timeline. 

Add the image to the chapter by moving your mouse over an image or video until the background fades and the message 'Add to active chapter’ displays.


Click your mouse once on the image to add it to the chapter and send it to the customer.  If you want to preview the image before you send it to your customer simply right click on the image: read full details on how to preview an image

If an image is for internal use only when you hover the mouse over the image if you will see this message: 

Clicking this image will not add it to the chapter and it will not be sent to the customer. You can still right-click for image-preview as normal. 

The image next to the session button indicates what the customer is viewing:

Read more on how to see what the customer is seeing.


Clicking once on a video to add it to the chapter will automatically play it to the customer for the length of the video. You can see what is playing and control the playback of the video, see the  Send videos to a Customer article for more details.

Add to a different chapter

You should choose a new chapter for each quote you give to the customer, e.g. you may quote two different holiday packages  There is no limit to the number of chapters you can create.   

Once you have created your chapters you can add assets to them.  Select the asset you wish to add to a chapter and 
click the arrow to display the chapters available to add the asset to

Select the required chapter to add the asset to by clicking on it. 

 how to add images as a slide show or create a new chapter.

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